Latitud 18 Coffee from Adjuntas:

  1. Origin: Grown in the mountainous region of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, at approximately latitude 18°N, this coffee benefits from the high altitude, rich soil, and favorable climate, contributing to its exceptional quality.

  2. Arabica Variety: It likely comprises Arabica coffee beans, known for their superior flavor and aroma. Arabica beans grown in Adjuntas typically have a smooth, well-balanced profile with distinct flavor notes.

  3. Flavor Profile: Latitud 18 coffee may offer a rich and nuanced flavor profile with hints of chocolate, caramel, and nutty undertones. The specific characteristics can vary based on factors such as bean variety, processing method, and roast level.

  4. Aroma: Expect a delightful aroma characterized by sweetness and earthiness, which can be particularly pronounced in freshly ground beans or when brewing.

  5. Processing: The beans may undergo various processing methods, such as wet processing (washed), dry processing (natural), or semi-washed (honey), each imparting unique qualities to the final cup.

  6. Sustainability: Many coffee farms in Adjuntas prioritize sustainable farming practices, including shade-grown cultivation, organic farming methods, and environmental conservation efforts.

  7. Community Impact: Coffee production in Adjuntas often plays a significant role in the local economy and community development, providing employment opportunities and supporting livelihoods.

Overall, Latitud 18 coffee from Adjuntas is likely to offer a premium coffee experience characterized by its exceptional quality, rich flavor profile, and commitment to sustainability. For more specific information about Latitud 18 coffee, it's best to refer to the brand's website or product descriptions.